We are often asked if there’s a secret to creating new products. Our answer is always, “Yes! We listen.” Vivier Pharma is well supported by a network of smart people who know what the market wants better than most. So we ask our formulators, “What’s new?” We ask our physician partners, “What skin conditions are you having a hard time treating?” We ask our skin care specialist partners, “What do your patients want to improve when they look in the mirror?” We ask patients, “What would you like to do about your aging skin?” Their answers are the secret behind every Vivier product. We give that information to our Research and Development team and they work to develop products that can solve skin care issues and make a difference in people’s lives.

Our new GrenzCine™ Sērum and GrenzCine™ Eye are the result of listening to our partners and understanding their needs. Supported by 30 years of research, science and clinical evaluations, these unique anti-aging solutions address every aspect of skin damage and aging, especially thinning skin.

One of our medical partners, the University of Manitoba’s Dr. Ken Dolynchuk, told us that for years people have been compromising the epidermis to get to the dermis. “They scrub, peel, exfoliate… to increase collagen at the expense of the skin’s top layer.” The result is thinning skin. Dr. Dolynchuk’s patients were saying, “My skin looks tired,” “My skin lacks that glow.”

Dr. Dolynchuk discovered a new molecule, 1.4-Diaminobutane or Polyamine-DAB™, which plays an important role in the skin’s aging process. Polyamines restore mature cell cycle dynamics to encourage the maturation of collagen within the layers of the skin*. This results in more natural, firmer, softer feeling skin and more youthful look. A ground-breaking ingredient for wound healing and anti-aging, Polyamine-DAB™ has been proven to thicken the grenz zone or Epidermal-Dermal Junction (EDJ).

This was our light bulb moment. We already offer the world’s best Vitamin C serum, and now we could combine it with this new polyamine to help with the epidermis and the grenz zone, which lies between the epidermis and the dermis. Five international patents, and pending patents later, clinical studies have proven that GrenzCine™ products help thicken the skin. Most importantly, thousands of patients now enjoy renewed confidence because their skin looks better than it ever did.

What’s skin issues would you like to solve? We are always ready to listen…

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